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Pandu Hidayat | profile

Pandu Hidayat - Sound Artist
Born in Bogor, Indonesia 1984. Studied at Anima Musika Indonesia (2002 - unfinished). Study Ethnomusicology at Indonesian Institute of the Art Yogyakarta (2005 - 2010). He still being active in art music, performance art and collaboration projects with several multi-disciplines artist, also active to participant some of composition workshop and technical class from local artist, asian and western artist. His works, focus on Gamelan and electronic music or electroacoustic for experimental media. He have another side project, that is an individual project which called CONTROL-Z. Besides, he also observed on many issues of urban culture and had an interest in new media art. He had done some of his composition performances, such as:

Compositions (Selected)
  • ‘Tangan-Tangan’, ‘Belajar Berhitung’ (mixed ensemble), Home Concert, Anima Musika Yogyakarta, 2004 and Gd. Amongrogo, Yogyakarta 2005
  • ‘No House Music’, (mixed ensemble) Inagurasi ISI 05, Vredeburg Fort, Yogyakarta 2006
  • ‘Fase-A’ (mixed ensemble), Teater Arena, ISI Yogyakarta 2007
  • ‘Fiction’ (electroacoustic), Yogyakarta Contemporary Music Festival, Yogyakarta 2008
  • ‘Cermin Berkarat’ (electroacoustic),), Bukan Musik Biasa XI, Taman Budaya Surakarta, Surakarta 2009
  • ’Cermin Berkarat No. 2’ (elektro-akustik), SOTF, Teater Arena, ISI Yogyakarta 2009
  • ’Cermin Berkarat - noise version’ (electroacoustic), Mini Concert, ISI Yogyakarta 2009
  • ‘Rasalama’ (electroacoustic), SOTF#2, Teater Arena, ISI Yogyakarta 2010
  • ‘Texture’(elektro-akustik), SOTF#3, Mini Concert, ISI Yogyakarta 2010
  • ‘Imperfect Harmonic – Phenomenon I & II’ (elektro-akustik), Sound From Outer Space, Auditorium LIP, Yogyakarta 2010
  • ’Dalam Kurung’ (electroacoustic), All Etno #7, ISI Surakarta 2010
  • ‘In Miniature’ (electroacoustic), Cellsbutton#05 (Yogyakarta International Media Art Festival), Jogja Nasional Museum, Yogyakarta 2011
  • ‘Manis Ke-dua’ (electroacoustic), Holistik Plaudis, In Collaboration with Bahagia Pandeka, Bentara Budaya Yogyakarta, Yogyakarta 2011
  • ‘Luminous-Point’ (electroacoustic  - pereformance art), Sono Lumiere – Sonic Performance_Artlabs, In Collaborated w/ Atieq SS Listyowati (Performance Artist), Institut Franceis Indonesia / IFI, Bandung 2012
  • "METRO", audiovisual performance / puppet show, in collaboration with Wayang Beber Kota & Atieq SS Listyowati, Bentara Budaya Jakarta, 2013
  •  ‘Le Metro (Sound & Video)", in collaboration with Wayang Beber Kota & Atieq SS Listyowati, Auditorium IFI Surabaya, 2013
  • "PULANG: Paris As View From Jakarta", in collaboration with Atieq SS Listyowati, 2014
 Solo Project

CONTROL-Z Is a sound project by Pandu Hidayat, from Yogyakarta, Indonesia. Established in 2008. This project based on live electronic - experimental music. Focussed on the art of improvisation and fun with live-processing. Apart from the literal meaning, CONTROL-Z could be interpreted as an implicit satire (how lovely if our hearing system could be turned back on a more essential point; details with all its complexity). CONTROL-Z could be symbolized as a sound pollution storage system focused on “the hearing reparation” in the widest conceptual meaning. The execution process of this mission is done in a radical and in a bit extreme way. For instance, is by applying ‘free association writing’ technique as an experimental action. This technique is manifested on almost every fragment that has been recorded successfully.

The spirit is to utilized noisy texture as a material, which is formulated into eclectic, scattered and uncontrolled structure composition; absurd and destructive-like composition with super-aggressive shifting. Sometimes, it’s very monotonous and complex as well as too noisy to handle for the mainstream aesthetic followers. CONTROL-Z shows his existence, sneaking in every event, representing actual issues through up-dated composition in the freedom of expression. And intentionally, rejects the homogeneity culture in produced-composed music in which could destroy the taste of one’s hearing also the loss of balance.

CONTROL-Z was inspired by early electronic-art-music composers, avant-garde or experimental musicians and sound-artists, also noiseartists in the world.  Egocentrism, of course, becomes the main reason for this project. It’s sensible to avoid the restraint in expressing idealism of every free human being.However, actually CONTROL-Z is very flexible and very open to collaborate with bands, live-PAs, sound artists, DJs, instrumentalists or composers. Even, it also collaborates with other art disciplines, like Visual Artists, Performance Artists, VJs, or New Media Artists who have similar concept.

Within 6 years (2008-2014), CONTROL-Z has released four EPs, three full-length albums, two remix albums and several singles for compilation, collaboration, split albums and some remix projects. That’s not for the sake of profit or popularity; but it’s merely for the pleasure for sharing and documenting an achievement; a temporal expressive moment. All released-albums, except albums in CDs, can be downloaded for free, either under labels-netlabels or self-released. On its progress, it emerges Kontroljet Records in 2010, a label that exclusively releases all CONTROL-Z’s tracks either in the physical or digital format. This project is now also known as KONTROLJET

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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Space Out Estet / ESTET

Film soundtrack remix by SGE.
Video art by kamal sabran
Shot with Canon 550D
& Vintage View Master film
Nov 2010

"Estet" a film by Mamat Khalid.
In Cinema 4 Nov 2010.
original music by R Lawrence
Lyric by Iqbal Putra

SGE Collective:
Kamal Sabran-sampler
Zulkifli Ramli-gambus
Eric Hausmann-sitar
Marlina Hausmann-voice
Fasyali Fadzly-rebab
Veroníque Jacques-cello
Adam James Davis-sampler
Man Troj-sampler
Bentara Datuk-guitar
Munis Musa-flute/xylophone
Andri iskandar-guitar
Aizat Tarmizi-guitar
Bryce Eiman-sampler
Pandu Hidayat-sampler
Az Stellarium-sampler
Azmil mokhtar-drum
Yusuf Martin-poet

Dream Project Studio
Fourth Screen Studio
Experimental LAB

MP3 download available //DOWNLOAD//

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